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Zumba is a dance fitness class designed for fun. It uses international music from all over the world using dance styles such as Salsa, Cumbia, Tango, Reggaeton and Merengue. 

Age: 13+ 

All abilities 

These classes are currently being held at Woodford war memorial community centre. 

These classes have a capacity of 20 dancers per class.

Bring lots of water and just have fun 

Benefits of Zumba

In my Zumba classes we burn 450 CALORIES!!!!

That is the equivalent to half a bottle of wine and 2 slices of toast. 

My classes are fun and fit all abilities, I can adapt any of the dances to make sure they fit well and everyone is having a good time. 

I make sure everyone exercises to as much as they can, so no matter what you walk out my class feeling positive. 

As I am a new instructor my classes are building slowly but surely and all the feedback I receive from people who have attended has always been positive.


Zumba Kids and Zumba kids jr


These fun classes are classes which feature kid-friendly dances. It gives them a chance to stay active and have a dance to some of their favourite songs. 

Our original dances are made a bit more simple and added some children friendly moves. We play games and explore the cultures from which style of dance we are doing that week. For example we may be doing Flamenco dance so will learn a bit about Spain such as, its language (learn some), animals and food. 

We do a different style and country each week. 

Zumba kids age 7-11 years

Zumba kids jr age 4-6 years

Primary school teaching

Currently I teach in multiple primary schools offering lots of different classes. I do in school time classes, these can either be curriculum based for each year or they can be current music dances which I like to call street dances classes. 

I also offer after school club which include doing the current songs and learning a dance from start to finish. 

I can also come and do Zumba kids classes for schools. These explore dance, culture and geography all in one. 

If you have any more questions about these services and my availability, please feel free to contact me. 

Hire me for your parties

Hire me to come to your birthday parties, hen parties and any other events.

This can be for group Zumba classes or to have a fun time learning a dance with friends. 

Please contact me for prices and availability.

What to know before booking

All classes are non refundable, Unless cancelled

My classes are aimed for all abilities so anyone can come along and have fun. 

When classes are fully booked out online the booking service will say sold out, and you will be able to join a wait list


As Zumba is a physical exercise class it is important to know what your body can take.

If you are unsure if you can participate please confirm with a Doctor first to be safe.

On the booking form there is a medical section and also please let me know at the beginning of a class if you have anything medical I should know about or just want to tell me. 

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